Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training gives you that direct personal result you are looking for – this has become more and more popular as clients want to excel in their particular area. You simply choose a goal and we will show you how to get there asap.

Proud to have taught (professionals all with amazing unique skills – in no particular order):

Charlotte Dodson (Celebrity Yoga Teacher)
Kaila Cabanas (Cirque du Soleil – Kurios)
Jennifer Grace (Studio Verve Owner / Pole Dance Athletica)
Aric Yegudkin & Masha Belash (Dancing with the Stars)

Sean Po Smith (Movement guide founder)
Michelle Shimmy (Pole Dance Academy owner and performer)
Maddie Sparkle (Pole Dance Academy owner and performer)
Annalise Malochowski (Professional Dancer)
Amelia Disspain (Yoga Business Owner)

Kath Watson & Deanna Barbaschow (Pole Dance Duet, winner Arnold Classic)
Glen Chow (Stuntman eg X-Men, Wolverine, Lord of the Rings movies)

Talia Fowler (So You Think You Can Dance – winner)
Nick English (Hong Kong Actor / Stuntman)
– and many more

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