A speciality of Sydney Acrobatics and Circus School is obtaining students their handbalancing goals.

Whether these are overcoming fear or mastering yoga handbalance poses, inversions, headstands and handstands or taking it a step further (or two) and showing you the tricks and techniques and secrets of the circus for all the advanced moves such as gymnastic press to handstand, fitness handstand push-ups, performance one handed handstands, Dance movement handstands, walking, turning, holding, crocodile, planch, partner acrobatic balances, balancing on various objects, jumping handstands – the list is endless once you get started.

– wondering how you will ever get to “holding” a handstand?
– wondering how on earth these circus performers do their incredible handstand stunts?

We can show you how!

ACROPLAY – Staggered Press to Handstand

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handstand on poles 3-1


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_croc 5b_one handed-1004-1 bars_new balance

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ACROPLAY – Staggered Press to Handstand – on head


ACROPLAY – Piggyback Handstand


ACROPLAY – Press to Handstand – Training Sequence