I think Acro-Massage could maybe catch on? – maybe not 🙂

Try these, may not look too difficult, but surprising – especially 2nd one, but you’ll get it.


Acrobatic Yoga – what is it ?

Acrobatic Yoga (also often known as a subset of Acrobalance) involves partner assisted acrobatic movements usually with one partner lying on their back on the floor and the other partner elevated off the ground performing a range of balances, stretches, rotations and aerial movements.

This style of acrobatics is an evolving sport. It has been practiced in many guises and forms over the years and overlaps a number of diversified sports and schools – and that’s the fun of it! Most people with a reasonable level of fitness will enjoy the challenges of this practice.

Who would get the most benefit out of it ?
– Friends and Partners who would like to practice safe and fun acrobatic movements at home
– Yoga practitioners who are looking to get something more from their practice
– Teachers of Acrobalance, Yoga or Gymnastics who would like to expand their practice
– People who are looking to keep very fit and strong in a new fun way
– Adagio practitioners to develop trust and provide a foundation of an extensive range of groundwork to work with either as part of their performances, or to use as an ideal low-level way to practice higher hand to hand skills 
– Parents who want to have fun with their children
– Husbands and Wives or just friends who would like to expand what they can do together as a sport

 Acrobatic Yoga is practiced at 3 Levels of ability: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Acrobatics this week

Pole Balance – Shoulder / Calf

scorpion str

Today’s move is with Ilyan Keay of Newtown. This is Sports Acrobatics style balance but could also be fun to try for Pole Dancers due to their advanced specific upper body conditioning. Pole Dancing – without the pole!

Inverted Wheel


Today’s move is with Charlotte of Charlotte Dodson Yoga. This is an example of Partner Acrobatics for Yogis. The lower back is always carefully supported in this move and the Base hamstrings are facilitated a good stretch. Both sides should be balanced to ensure body balance of both Flyer and Base.

Shoulder to Solder Lift – Facing

shldr to shldr

Today’s move is with Roslyn Stutchbury of Body by Design. This is an example of an Adagio Balance. Flyer’s hands are placed on Base’s shoulders and Base placeshands on Flyer’s Shoulers from the outside – pull forward and down.


Supported Full Backbend


Today’s move is with Michelle Shimmy of The Pole Dance Academy. This is an example of advanced Partner Acrobatics for Yoga.

Safety Point: Base has to be particularly alert when performing this as the Flyer’s weight will move around a lot while entering into the pose.